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Open Colleges: Overview

More than 700,000 students have benefited from distance education courses delivered by Open Colleges since its inception in Australia in 1910.

Open Colleges is now Australia's leading distance education provider. With increased take-up of online learning, Open Colleges has an exciting future and will continue to play a pioneering role in open, online and distance learning in Australia.

Today, we deliver expertly prepared vocational and professional courses that all offer flexible study options. Our students study at home in their own time, choosing to work either entirely online or via conventional printed materials - or often a happy blend of both.

More than 700,000 students have benefited from distance education courses delivered by Open Colleges since its inception in Australia in 1910.

All courses are designed by educational experts and in partnership with industry leaders. The well-designed courses, coupled with the support offered by Open College's trainers, ensure a refreshing educational experience for students. The courses provide students with all the necessary skills and knowledge required for their chosen profession. Open Colleges is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Why Open Colleges?


With more than 100 years of experience in distance learning, Open Colleges has the expertise in delivering education and training to individuals seeking to launch, change or accelerate their careers. 

We recognise that you have a busy lifestyle and are time constrained. That’s why we do everything possible to ensure the utmost degree of flexibility for our learners.

At Open Colleges you can enrol online 24/7. No more waiting for the next intake. There are no start dates – courses start whenever you are ready.

You can study wherever, and whenever you like. All our courses are available online or via distance learning and your progress through your course at your own pace. There are no fixed lectures or scheduled exams.


Student support is always available 24/7. You can access the online campus – OpenSpace – at any time and fellow students and expert trainers and assessors are available to provide support and advice.  

Many of our courses provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable ‘real world’ practical experience in industry through integrated Structured Workplace Learning.


Open access. Flexible entry requirements means that students are afforded every opportunity to study a course. We welcome students from a diverse range of backgrounds – all sharing a common aim of improving their lives through learning.

Online courses. No classes to attend. You have access to all their learning materials and support at all times.


Making the decision to study is a significant investment. We assist you with making that investment more affordable with a range of flexible and interest free payment plans.


We understand that online learning can appear daunting and complex. With unparalleled experience in meeting the needs of adult learners, Open Colleges aims to take the complexity out of online learning.

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