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10 Minutes with an Undergraduate Business Student Studying an undergraduate business and management course
Posted by Carly Bennett | April 11th 2012

The world is your oyster. Or so they say. With a business and management course under your belt, and a bit of ambition, you’re on your way to a career that not only rewards financially but that can take you anywhere in the world. If the thought of running your own clothing store, or working your way up the chain of a successful accounting firm sounds appealing, then maybe a business course is your thing. According to the Business Review Australia business comes in at number three on the list of the ‘most valuable uni degrees’, proving that business graduates are what employers want.

I sat down with first year student Morgan Elliot to see what its really like to study business at Griffith University

What degree are you currently studying?

I’m in my first year, second semester of the Bachelor of Business majoring in International Tourism and Hotel Management.

You were originally doing a double degree in Communications and Asian Studies, what made you swap to Business?

I found what I was studying before interesting but I wasn’t sure what sort of job it would lead me into… I really wanted to get in to the tourism industry, so this business degree was more suited to me and my job aspirations.

What career aspirations do you have?

I kind of have two main options at the moment: either work for Queensland Tourism and create advertising campaigns or go into the hotel industry and work for some five star hotel, so I can travel the world!

How is the degree structured?

The first year is mainly focused on core business subjects, and you only have one (subject) that is specific to your major. So you have to do all the basic accounting and research type subjects before you get to the fun stuff in your second and third years.

Is there an opportunity to get out in the field and do work experience?

Yes, its actually compulsory for the course…you have to do a certain amount of hours of work experience to pass the course. It could be in a hotel, or anywhere that is related to the business world.

Where can a business degree take you?

Oh anywhere! It’s a really broad area to study. You can specialise in any type of business, from accounting to international business, and literally go anywhere with it.

What advice would you give for prospective business and management students?

I think it’s a really great degree to choose; there are so many opportunities and jobs that can come out of it. The best thing is, its really broad, so you don’t have to decide straight away what you might want to do with your degree.

What’s a typical day for a business student?
At the moment, my workload is fairly cruisy, because I’m still in first year, but usually my day consists of a few lectures and an hour-long tutorial that follows the lecture. I don’t have to do any workshops at the moment, so it’s all independent learning apart from attending my classes. 

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