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Why study a photography short course? Learn photography and learn new techniques
Posted by Carly Bennett | July 05th 2011

Have you ever wondered whether capturing those amazing shots that are printed in newspapers, seen on your desktop background or plastered across billboards is something that you could do? With so many of us owning cameras, photography short courses allow the amateur in all of us to develop some fun and valuable skills. Carly Bennett explains why choosing to learn photography is a great idea.

Photography is one of those incredible creative careers that most can only dream about pursuing. The reality is there are so many opportunities to learn about the artistic and technical aspects of photography through short courses, that virtually anyone can become a budding photographer. So what are you waiting for?

Why a short course?

The benefits of doing a photography short course are countless. Short courses offer flexibility for people who have busy schedules, with many being delivered online, by distance, or at night.  Not only are short photography courses much cheaper than studying at larger tertiary institutions, they are more tailored and focused on a specific area of photography. This could include learning about photographic techniques, photo shop, starting up a photography business or just finding out about how a camera works.

Who can enrol?

Photography short courses are perfect for all age groups and most don’t assume prior experience or knowledge, meaning anyone can give it a shot! As it's such a popular choice, the opportunity to learn photography attracts people from different walks of life and with varying degrees of experience. The good thing is that you don’t have to be the next Anne Geddes or Ken Duncan to do one – just an open mind, dedication, lots of creative energy, and a willingness to learn photography. Short courses are usually broken down into modules, keeping you motivated and interested enough to complete each section, and give you that real sense of achievement.

As with most short courses, learning photography can be quite intensive. They typically run for 6-8 weeks, covering many topics in a relatively short amount of time. This might seem daunting, but almost all short courses go right back to the basics, and can be done at your own pace.  This means you wont be bombarded with jargon and useless, unrelated information. Photography short courses are almost always very hands-on and practical, with the opportunity to show your own creativity and artistic flair, and they are a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people. The most exciting thing about learning photography is that you'll  meet with amazing industry professionals. Not only will your teacher be a mentor, but they can connect you with other photographers and work opportunities, which is truly invaluable!

Photography is a rewarding creative outlet. It can be both personally and financially rewarding, and take you anywhere in the world.  A short course could be just the thing to help you get a kick-start in the industry, or to fulfil a lifelong passion you’ve always dreamed about. You choose! The best part is, you aren’t signing up for a four year degree or paying big dollars when you opt to do a short course. They are quick, informative and very cost effective.

Ok, so where do I sign up?

Good question! The internet is the best place to start your short course search. Check out all the photography courses offered currently in Australia here and follow the links to the course of your choice!