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Expert View: Accounting & Finance Benefits of studying accounting and finance
Posted by Christine Leetham | August 22nd 2012

Name Christine Leetham

What course do you teach? Accounting and Finance (Head Teacher)

Institution TAFE NSW – Sydney Institute

Christine Latham teaches Accounting and Finance at TAFE NSW- Sydney Institute. Christine has worked for a large multinational as their financial accountant and is now president of the Australian National Institute of Accountants.

Please explain in detail what students will learn during your course
Students who take on, for example, a Diploma of Accounting will undertake a series of modules to prepare them for work in finances and accounting. For example, providing information on financial and business performance and preparing financial reports. Course modules also cover internal control procedures, management accounting information and income tax returns for individual.

What qualities do you need to success in your industry?
Accountants need to be professional, with strong organisational skills, meet deadlines and analyse and solve problems. Communication skills do form part of the role, so that they can build rapport with clients and managers. Professional accountants and book keepers need to be discreet with confidential information and strong ethics.

What are the benefits of studying your subject?
The accounting courses at TAFE are flexible and can really fast-track your career development and help you get into a wide range of roles and companies. There are well-established pathways to university and it is possible to cut up to 18 months off a degree with a TAFE qualification. The Advanced Diploma qualification is recognised by the National institute of Accountants for entry into their Graduate Professional Certificate of Accounting, which leads to a Masters. TAFE also gives recognition for prior learning, work and life experience.

What skills do your students have by the end of the course?
Students will gain the skills and legal knowledge they need for professional accounting and finance roles.

What do students normally do once they’ve finished their course?
Students who finish this course can go straight into University or take on accounting and financial roles in companies of all sizes. Some go into the banking sector others will be suited to give financial advice, but all large corporations require a range of junior and senior accounting roles. Finance and insurance is the fourth largest sector in Australia’s economy and job forecasts are good for accountants, financial investment advisors & finance managers.