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How much work does a degree actually take?

How much work does a degree actually take? Posted by Guest Author | August 07th 2013

Written by Vincent Varney I spent a good half of my final year of high school daydreaming about university. A new setting, new people and a new lifestyle – it seemed so tan... more

Concentrating over summer!

Concentrating over summer! Posted by Theresa Lord | February 20th 2013

Making the decision to study over the summer is a hard one. The flip side is you are working towards finishing your degree quicker, and the downside is that you are missing out on the ... more

What do you do with a BA in English?

What do you do with a BA in English? Posted by David Shearston | February 01st 2013

Sometime during my second year I went to see a production of Avenue Q which begins with a ballad entitled "What do you do with a BA in English?" It was meant to be a comedy. ... more

Juggling exams and a new semester

Juggling exams and a new semester Posted by Theresa Lord | December 20th 2012

When I think of exams, I become stressed!  I think about cramming in study time, trying to memorise my notes and working out when I need to leave home to get a good car park befor... more

Courses for the travelling obsessed

Courses for the travelling obsessed Posted by Jess Brewster | December 19th 2012

Doesn't everyone have a friend who is always either on holidays or planning another one? Finding a gift for ‘these people’ (jealousy comes with the territory surely?) c... more

Steps of Psychology

Steps of Psychology Posted by Sarah Trapski | December 13th 2012

When I first thought of studying Psychology I envisioned a backless couch, a dark and calm office, with a person in respectable clothing asking the person on the couch the age old ... more

Switching to teaching

Switching to teaching Posted by Isaac Anthony Lai | November 29th 2012

Throughout my time as a student, I feel that I’ve encountered a variety of different teachers. Good & bad, energetic & robotic, well dressed & shabby, there is no dou... more

Breaking bad study habits

Breaking bad study habits Posted by David Shearston | November 20th 2012

Okay, so we've all been there. You have an assignment you need to work on. Being the responsible person that you are, you plan ahead. You set out a time for you to do your research... more

The big leap is just a large step

The big leap is just a large step Posted by Sarah Trapski | November 20th 2012

The Situation Okay, so you’ve just been accepted into uni. You’re so amazingly excited and already thinking of what it’s going to be like, then – BAM! It ... more

Melbourne Cup inspired courses

Melbourne Cup inspired courses Posted by HC Australia Editor | November 05th 2012

Looking forward to the big race today? When the gates open and the ‘race that stops a nation’ begins? Even if you have no interest in horses, by the end of the day you&rsqu... more