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Course: master

Qualification: Postgraduate

Year of Graduation: 2010


The facilities in the Uni versity are quite modern and technical.

University of Queensland

 Overall experience

not bad: free lab access; e-learning; e-booking;

Application process

it is not that kind of hard to apply because you get online service through which you can follow every process

Study experience

not bad. i can learn a lot of knowledeg from it and it is kind of interesting. You got lectures and tutors but the tuition fee is not that nice for international students. if you wanna take it consider it carefully

Social experience

yes i try to fully use the facilities in the uni which are quite modern and techinical of course very helpful and convenient. I share house with other mates in the suburb not that expensive which can be covered by the part time job salary

Job prospects

of course i learn in order to get a better job. i will practice what i learned into the related areas.

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