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Course: Entrepreneurship

Qualification: Undergraduate Degree

Year of Graduation: 2012


Entrepreneurship is a challenging course but it’s really fun and interesting.

University of Canberra

 Overall experience

Take university as a place you have to stand by your own, learn time management and make plans ahead. In returns, you get to meet new people, gain new knowledge and have unique life experience.

Application process

The school offers many options and have much assistance for student who wants to apply to UC. UC is not strict in selecting student but they do have English requirement also an average of academic result.

Study experience

I am studying Entrepreneurship. It’s a challenging course but it’s really fun and interesting. In a lot of classes, we got in to groups and did many projects and business plans. I like this way of study, it keep me enjoying and love going to school.

Social experience

I worked at a lot of places. Right now, I am working at Central café as a barista. Before this, I have to work at McDonalad, Alibaba, etc.. So it took me a while to get here. I am living with my friends in Gungahlin. I have a car so living a bit far from school is not too bad for me. At school, they usually have Free BBQ on Friday so everyone can get free hotdog and beers. That’s fantastic!

Job prospects

I am doing a small business with my friends and in the future, with the knowledge I learn from UC, I’ll open my own business.

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